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Bedbugs are commonly found across the United States and they’re very problematic in Houston. Unfortunately, these pests create numerous problems because they feed on human blood. Although they’ll accept animal blood, they prefer your blood. They’ll hide in your mattress and come out at night to feed. They generally sleep during the day and eat at night. Since they’re only 3/16s of an inch, you won’t be able to see them easily.

Reasons You Have Bedbugs

Ultimately, it doesn’t take a genius to find out why bedbugs enter residences. They’re entering homes because they want to suck your blood. Once they enter a house, they’ll have quick and easy access to their favorite food source. They can enter your home using several techniques. They’ll sometimes enter residences from the outside. They’ll also enter your home after you’ve spent the night at a motel. During your stay, the bugs will climb in your luggage and clothes. Then, they’re going to stay there until you return home. You can also experience an infestation after purchasing used clothes and furniture.

Bedbug Dangers You Should Worry About

Bedbugs bite and suck blood. Ultimately, this is enough to concern you. Although they’re annoying, they’re not dangerous. Despite sucking blood, they do not transmit serious illnesses. A bedbug bite could lead to a red, itchy welt but not diseases.

Eliminating Bedbug Infestations

Once you’ve found bedbugs in your home, work quickly to tackle the problem. Our company is here to help. We offer full-scale services so we can help you every step of the way. We’re going to start by carefully examining your home to find out what is going on. We’ll find out where these pests are hiding. Then, we’ll develop a strategy to eliminate them right away. We offer a handful of treatments and we’ll help you figure out which one will work best for you.

Manual Services

First, we offer manual bedbug removal services. Although these services aren’t right for everyone, they’re good for some. The treatment works swiftly and eliminates bedbugs from specific rooms. For instance, we would use our manual services to remove bedbugs from your bedroom. Just remember that you’ll need to prepare for the arrival of our technician. Our manual services do not rely on chemicals.

Heat Treatments

We highly recommend our heat treatments because they’re safe and precise. We highly recommend using our heat treatment services. Heat is powerful enough to kill bedbugs at all stages, including babies, eggs, and adults. Plus, you can return to your home much sooner. The preparation requirements are slim so you won’t need to do much. Our heat treatment does not use any chemicals. However, we may administer Diatomaceous Earth to increase the effectiveness of our heat treatments.

Fumigation Services

In general, our fumigation services are best for eliminated large infestations in commercial structures. We wouldn’t recommend it for treating residential structures. Although few preparations are needed, the client will need to leave the home and stay out for 24 to 48 hours. We’ll let you know when you can return after the fumigation service is finished. Vikane is used during our fumigation service.

Are DIY Methods Reliable?

You’ve likely thought about using DIY methods to remove the bedbugs from your home. Although these methods can eliminate bedbugs, they’re not efficient enough to wipe out all of the bedbugs in your home. Some DIY techniques rely solely on pesticides and they can be dangerous. We recommend calling us and letting a professional provide you with safe solutions. We serve Houston and all nearby areas so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Only Safe Bedbug Solutions

We strive to provide safe and reliable bedbug solutions. Our integrated bedbug treatments often rely on natural products and mechanical tools. Still, there is a risk that we’ll need to use conventional products. Don’t worry because we’re going to put your safety first. We’ll work cautiously to ensure that you’re protected during each phase of the process. The products we use have been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency so you can rest assured knowing they’re safe.

The Costs

We know that you’re worried about the cost of our services, but you shouldn’t be. We always work hard to provide reasonably priced services to our clients. We can’t give you an accurate quote. Instead, we need to analyze your situation before giving you a bid price. The cost is based on the size of your property and the severity of the infested. We’ll make sure that you’re aware of the price before the treatment begins.

Preventing Bedbugs From Entering Your Residence

Take steps to prevent these pests from entering your residence. Be cautious when buying used items and staying at motels.

When Can The Extermination Start?

Call us today. One of our Houston pest control services will get back to you within 48 hours or sooner.

You Need To Know About Our Bed Bug Control Treatments

Over the years, Houston residents have heard horror stories about bed bugs raiding the homes of their neighbors. Houston bedbugs are not picky. They’ll target any dwelling including schools, buses, motels, libraries, and homes. If you live in Houston, you cannot ignore the ongoing bed bug problem. It is only getting worse so you need to find a solution to the problem before you become a victim. Thankfully, you’ll find that your options are plentiful since there are so many exterminators to choose from.

We believe that our bed bug control experts will provide you with the best results. Our services are effective, efficient, and convenient. Below, you’ll learn more about the services we offer.

Services Available Day & Night

We are eager to help you get rid of your bedbugs as soon as possible. Whether your infestation is minor or severe, you need to step up and act immediately. Having bedbugs in your home is going to be stressful since you’ll have to worry about your loved ones. You don’t need to be overwhelmed by this problem. You just need to contact us. We have the solutions you need and we’re confident that they’ll work for your budget. More importantly, we’re ready to begin serving you day or night.

We will do our best to accommodate your schedule so you can enjoy a bedbug-free home before you know it.

We Guarantee Our Work

We’re confident that we’re going to provide our clients with excellent results. We will do everything we can to make sure that you’re satisfied with our bedbug extermination service. Since we’re so confident, we’re thrilled to provide our clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We believe that we’re going to solve your problem and we’ll do everything we can to fulfill this goal. We’ll make sure that your bedbugs are eliminated for good. If they come back, you should call us again. We’ll provide you with a free treatment to fix the problem.

We believe you’re going to be thrilled with our service. This is why we’re confident enough to give our clients a satisfaction guarantee.

Why We’re Great

Bedbugs are nasty and frightening. Plus, they’re going to suck your blood. If you don’t want to wake up in the morning with bedbug bites all over your body, you need to call us. We offer various benefits that make our services unbeatable. Some of the benefits of making us your bedbug exterminator can be found below.

  • Our potential clients can receive free quotes
  • We provide free home inspections
  • Our services are available on the same day
  • We offer various bedbug treatments
  • You’ll receive a satisfaction guarantee

Call Immediately!

Bedbugs can reproduce rapidly if you let this problem linger. If this happens, your problem is going to worsen rapidly. Our company is here to help around the clock. We know you want expedited results. This is why we encourage you to choose us as your pest control expert. Our Houston representatives are eager to begin helping you so do not hesitate to call.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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