Why You Need To Hire A Bed Bug Exterminator In Houston Texas

It is a fact that no one is safe from pesky bedbugs. As a matter of fact, you can come into contact with these small insects at any time. Not only are you not totally safe from bed bugs, but you are always going to be at risk of carrying them home with you. Once your home is overtaken with these small insects, it is virtually impossible to get rid of them, unless you are willing to hire a Bed Bug Exterminator in Houston, Texas.

Never Hesitate To Take Action 

Of course, the first step will be to get educated, as much as possible. The more that you know about the bedbug the more likely that you will be able to spot them, before one insect turns into 2,000. With this being, you may still find yourself in need of hiring a professional exterminator, because your treatment options may be limited.


  • You may not even realize it that your guests may be packing a few bedbugs in their overnight bag. If so, then the insects will hop out of the bag and remain in your home long after your guests have departed.
  • Did you know that your attic or garage may be filled with bedbugs? Most homeowners do not even consider this possibility, because they think that their home is safe from these little critters. Unfortunately, your home is at the same risk of a bedbug infestation, as your next door neighbor.

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It may not even appeal to you that your home is infested, until you wake up with small, edematous welts on your body. This can definitely be very disturbing for someone that is unaware of these bloodsucking parasites. You can retire for the night, fall to sleep peacefully, and wake up with itchy welts on specific parts of your body. Of course, you will want to rush to the doctor’s office, but this is genuinely not necessary.

Deceptive Behavior 

These small welts are actually bedbug bites. The small bedbug has a sharp feeding tube that they utilize to pierce the victim’s skin, so they can feed on their blood. Once the bedbug’s tummy is full, it will return to its hiding place until it gets hungry again. You could spend all night trying to catch the culprit in action, but this will most likely never happen. As a matter of fact, you will be lucky to ever spot a live bedbug, because they are extremely sneaky and deceptive.

Hiding Spots 

Once you have come to the conclusion that your home is infested, you will want to go hunting for them. Well, it will most likely not be difficult to find where they are hiding, because if your home is infested, then they will likely be hiding everywhere. Start by checking around your mattress, bed linen, head/foot boards, drapes, chairs, and sofas. While, you may not find the live bedbug, you will probably find signs that they have been there at one time or another. Dark, black spots will definitely be the first thing that you will spot. This could be dead bed bug carcasses or feces, which mean that your search must continue.


Once you begin to investigate your mattress and bed linen, you will notice dried blood stains. Your first thought will be that you crushed the insect, when you turned over. Well, this is a huge misconception, because this is actually your blood. You may question this remark, but it is a fact. When a bedbug pierces your skin with their feeding tube, there is a chance that some of the blood with leak onto the bed linen. Bleeding can also occur after the feeding tube is removed from the skin, since you are not able to place any pressure on the abrasion.

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What to Do? 

Now that you have proof that your home environment is infested with bed bugs, then you will need to find a solution to the problem. Of course, you will always have the option of combating the insects yourself, but this can be very difficult. You will find a large array of insecticides at your local home and garden store that are very effective in eradicating these little critters. The first step will be to remove all of your bed linen and toss it into the washer. It is important to utilize the highest water temperature possible, because this is the only way to kill the bedbugs.

You should also consider tossing unwanted clothing and stuffed animals in the trash. It is not worth taking the risk of letting the bedbugs survive in these articles, when you are trying to combat them. Just one bedbug will turn into hundreds within a few weeks, which is why it is absolutely necessary to eradicate every single one.

Professional Extermination Company 

If you have determined that you do not have the patience or ability to take on the job by yourself, then you will need to find a professional exterminator. While there are many company listings in your local phone book, you will find that some of them are incompetent. It is always crucial to take the time to do your research on each company, before you actually make your final selection.

Customer reviews are definitely a great place to start, because these testimonials hold a wealth of information about specific companies. The bedbug exterminator must be certified, insured, and experienced in order to be able to treat your infestation efficiently.

Permanent Solution 

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Once you have gotten rid of the bedbugs, you will need to make sure that you never find yourself in this type of situation again. When vacationing within the United States or abroad, you will need to make sure that you do not pick up any more of these critters. While 5-star resorts can still harbor bedbugs, you can rest assured that the management will do whatever is necessary to combat them with routine treatments.

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