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Professional Beetle Pest Control Houston TX

The beetle is an insect species, identified by several unique features. The species unique physical characteristics include:

  • Shell-like forewings “elytra” and exoskeleton
  • Mandibles (does not apply to all species of beetle)
  • Segmented antennas (11 segments or fewer)
  • Mouthparts

As a member of the “Coleoptera” order, the beetle comes in nearly all sizes and colors. There are multi-colored, pink, red, solid black, copper, green, yellow with dark brown polka dots, black with a redhead, black with white outline, black with orange stripes, and gold beetles.

Some of the most common species of beetles include the longhorn, powder post, and ground beetles. Evidence shows the beetle species make up approximately a big portion of the insect population worldwide. With nearly 400,000 beetle species, it is difficult to believe anyone has not had at least one encounter in their lifetime.

Why Did Beetles Infiltrate My Rental Property?

No property is 100 percent safe from beetle infiltration. It cannot be stressed enough, beetles are everywhere. The insect can be found underneath piles of firewood or lumber, in tall grass, inside of decaying tree stumps, and near creeks, rivers, and ponds.

Beetles infiltrate residential and commercial properties accidentally and intentionally. Some beetle species meet the criteria to be classified as a “pantry pest.” Any insect species that infiltrate homes in search of non-perishable food products stored in pantries, kitchen cabinets, and cellars.

The diet consists of dried cereal and dog food, spices, flour, cookies, crackers, potato chips, homemade candies, and sugar. Non-refrigerated food stored in original manufacturing packaging can easily be infiltrated by beetles, thanks to their mandibles.

Do Beetles Spread Parasites And Diseases?

Beetles do spread diseases and parasites. However, not all species of beetles spread diseases and/or parasites. For example, the corn flea beetle has been scientifically linked to “Diabrotica spp.” or corn rootworms. The potato flea beetle species “Epitrix cucumeris” has been linked to “Actinomyces scabies” or potato scab.

As pantry pests “stored product pests” may cause foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella and Shigella. Beetles are everywhere. When the insects infiltrate homes, they may also infiltrate the family’s food supply. Utilizing their mandibles, the beetle rips open the vulnerable food packagings. While the insect is ingesting the food, it is also contaminating it. The insects are dropping fecal material into the food supply. Following ingestion of the contaminated food, the household members will begin to develop signs of a foodborne illness.

Beetles are also known to cause mild to severe structural damage. The insects utilize their mandibles to gnaw on structural components like drywall, studs, flooring, ceiling tiles, and subflooring.

How Long Does It Take To Get Eradicate Beetles In Residential Settings?

Our professional beetle management is designed to offer quick eradication, without compromising the client’s home or assets. We combine an industrial-strength insecticide with traps to ensure maximum results in as little as two visits. We follow-up each treatment with a visual inspection, with a 3- to 4-week separation.

We need between 24 and 48 hours to process your service request. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we suggest submitting your request as soon as possible.

Is Over-The-Counter Pesticide Effective In Eradicating Beetles?

Some species of beetles colonize, increasing the risk of infestation. Over-the-counter pesticides may be effective in eradicating a handful of beetles. However, these low potency formulas will do nothing to ease a full-blown infestation. An industrial-strength pesticide is ideal for the infestation of beetles. Regardless of the severity of the infestation, high-potency pest control products will offer full eradication.

Is Industrial-Strength Beetle Insecticide Environmentally Unfriendly?

Conventional industrial-strength insecticides do contain toxins that may be harmful to the environment. However, we believe it is possible to administer chemical pesticides with minimal risks. By heeding the manufacturer’s directions and safety tips, it is possible to successfully treat a beetle infestation of all severity levels with conventional pest control products. Not only can we achieve 100 percent extermination of the beetles but also protect the environment in the process.

In addition to the manufacturer’s recommendations, our exterminators rely on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for a selection of high-quality pesticides. EPA-approved pest control products are highly recommended by all US exterminators and pest control companies.

Should Consumers Opt For Custom Beetle Management Or Standard Treatments?

We believe custom treatments are more effective because they are based on data collected through home inspections. Our exterminators inspect the impacted home to collect evidence that determines if there is an infestation and the severity f the infestation (when applicable).

Custom pest control treatments are also believed to be more affordable than standard treatments. When our exterminators customize a pest control strategy, there is minimal waste, resulting in cost-efficient extermination.

What Is The Best Residential Beetle Management Strategy?

A solid beetle prevention strategy is one that targets vulnerabilities in the structural components that make up the commercial or residential building. The first step is to seal all exterior-to-interior openings accessible to beetles. We suggest a waterproof sealant, such as caulk or silicone, which is available in various colors.

Since some species of beetles are pantry pests or stored product pests, it is also important to protect the non-perishable food supply. To do this, you will need to transition from manufacturing packaging to ceramic, glass, durable plastic, and/or stainless steel containers. Utilize storage containers with resealable lids to keep the freshness, while keeping beetles out.

Be sure to take advantage of our free beetle management consultation and inspection. These services are available to all local residents via appointment only.

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