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Carpenter ants are a type of ant that has six legs and two antennas. In addition to this, the pest has three primary body parts. They’re black with a few red spots. Carpenter ants often travel across grass, walkways, and highways in large numbers. When they enter your residence, you won’t be able to ignore them. One reason that carpenter ants are problematic is that these pests have powerful mandibles. They use their strong mandibles to chew through wood items and wood structures. Although it’ll take a long time, they can destroy your home. Each carpenter ant colony is home to several ant classes, including workers and queens.

Queens grow up to 5/8ths of an inch while workers reach half an inch.

Confirming You Have Carpenter Ants

Do you believe that you have carpenter ants in your home? If so, look for the following signs. When you find one or more of these things in your home, call a professional.

Look For Them – Start by looking for these pests in your home. They’re large and black so they shouldn’t be difficult to spot.

Sawdust – Since carpenter ants chew through wood, they’re going to leave small trails of sawdust. The sawdust piles they leave are referred to as frass.

Listen – Surprisingly, you might be able to hear them moving through your walls. Put your ear against your wall and listen carefully.

Finding Winged Ants – Be sure to check your home for winged ants. Carpenter ant swarmers are often found searching for food. Once you’ve found swarmers, you have a well-established colony on your property.

Reasons For Carpenter Ants

Are you curious about the causes of property ants? Ultimately, carpenter ants are attracted to the wood around your home. When trying to build a new colony, they’ll start by building in decaying wood. Once the colony begins to thrive, they’ll attempt to move to newer wood. In most cases, colonies found in homes are satellite colonies. It isn’t the primary colony. Instead, there is a larger, older colony outside somewhere. Although these pests are going to enter residences, they prefer being outside. They often enter homes so they can search for food. Remember that carpenter ants are determined. Once they set their sights on your property, they’re going to find a way to enter no matter what. They can enter through small gaps around doors and windows.

They can also enter through holes around utility cables and plumbing pipes.

Primary Dangers

Carpenter ants aren’t dangerous to people or pets. However, they can create big issues. As mentioned above, they’re going to chew through wood. Therefore, they could damage your property severely.

Getting Rid Of The Carpenter Ants In Your Home

Don’t delay trying to solve this problem because it won’t be easy. Thankfully, there are ways to swiftly fix the problem. Start by picking up the phone and calling us. We’ll work quickly to find and administer a solution so you can return to a home that is no longer infested with carpenter ants. Our carpenter ant program is cost-effective, efficient, and easy to administer. Call us and we’ll get rid of them for you.

DIY Methods

Could you eliminate the carpenter ants in your home using DIY methods? It is possible but it’ll be harder and less safe. Unfortunately, many DIY methods are unsafe and unreliable. These methods cannot provide consistent results. With this in mind, it is often best to rely on proven pest control services. Furthermore, these treatments need to be carried out by a qualified, skilled exterminator.

When Can You Start?

Reach out to our representative today. When we call you back within 48 hours, we’ll schedule an appointment for you.

We Offer Safe Carpenter Ant Solutions

We always go to great lengths to protect our clients before, during, and after the treatment process. Our technicians are instructed and trained to use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We know that these products are safe when used around people and pets. Therefore, we can give you confidence that your loved ones will be okay.

Preventing Carpenter Ant Infestations

It isn’t easy to keep these pests out of your house. Be ready to call us as soon as you find large ants in your home. We’ll be ready to help.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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