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Brown marmorated stink bugs can be found in Houston, Texas, and surrounding cities. These pests are native to Asia but they’ve been in the United States since the mid-1990s. The first stinking insects in the country were found in Pennsylvania. As the name suggests, stinging insects release a bad odor from the tiny glands never the pest’s thorax. Since 1996, they’ve spread across the country. They’re found in most states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. They have a small plate on their backs and antennas with white stripes.

Why Do You Have Stink Bugs?

Stinks bugs want to enter your home because they’re overwintering pests. Stink bugs and other overwintering pests want to enter your home before the cold, winter weather arrives. Before the cold temperatures arrive, these pests are going to sneak into your home through small gaps around doors, window frames, plumbing pipes, and utility cables. Then, they’ll stay in your home until the warm temperatures return.

Stink Bug Dangers

Thankfully, stink bugs are not dangerous. These pests do not bite or transmit illnesses. Stink bugs aren’t going to reproduce when they sneak into your home. In most cases, they’ll leave your home in early spring. Don’t crush stink bugs because doing so will cause them to release a foul odor. Use a vacuum to suck them up and get rid of them later.

Eradicating An Infestation Of Stink Bugs

It is essential to identify a stink bug eradication method as quickly as possible. As mentioned above, you can likely fix the problem by using your vacuum cleaner. Turn it on and use it to suck up the stink bugs in your home. Once they’ve been removed, you should dispose of them far away from your home. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove all of the stink bugs from your property. Working with is a good way to rectify the problem before it worsens. Get in touch with us so we can put together a treatment plan right away.

Stink Bug DIY Treatments

Using DIY methods might help since some can eliminate stink bugs. Nevertheless, many of these products are unreliable, and some are unsafe. To properly eliminate the stink bugs in your home, you need to use the correct insecticide. We know what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, we’re confident that we can provide you with long-term solutions. Contact us and we’ll do our best to tackle the problem swiftly.

The Cost Of Our Services

Our price depends on the size of your dwelling and the severity of the infestation. Living in a bigger home will likely cost more. Before we begin treating the dwelling, we’ll analyze the situation and find out how much to charge. Don’t worry because we’re fair with our prices. We always strive to provide reasonable prices.

Preventing Stink Bugs From Invading

Properly seal the exterior walls of your home to stop stink bugs from invading. For instance, you should seal gaps around windows, doors, and plumbing pipes.

When Can You Begin?

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