Heat Treatment

Eradicating Houston's Bed Bug Infestations With The Heat Treatment

We have partnered with hundreds of Houston residents to help them eliminate their bed bug problems. Unfortunately, too many of these residents delayed action, resulting in very severe bed bug infestations. With the help of our revolutionary heat treatment, all former victims of bed bugs are able to sleep in comfort in their homes once again.

Has your attempts to eradicate your bed bug infestation been in vain? If so, you are not alone. When you rely on over-the-counter pesticides, traps, and other treatments to eradicate moderate to severe bed bug infestations, the results are not always going to be in your favor. These infestations could have been eradicated in a few hours with heat treatment.

Our Revolutionary Heat Treatment – Eradicating Bed Bug Infestation In A Single Application

Not many over-the-counter and commercial-grade bed bug treatment is guaranteed to be 100 percent effective. Manufacturers refuse to make such guarantees because they know their products are not this effective. One treatment that has shown nearly instant results for the most severe bed bug infestations is heat.

Heat treatment is exactly as its name entails. The treatment utilizes temperatures over 275 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bed bugs. Exterminators utilize heaters, fans, and flex duct to push the heat into affected areas. If the entire home is not infested, all of the bed bug-free areas are isolated to prevent further exposure.

Our heat is not only effective but delivers nearly instant results every time.

Heat Penetrates Tiny Crevices To Reach Bed Bugs

Heat works by penetrating areas that are deemed unreachable for other bed bugs treatments. When the heat makes contact with the bed bugs, the eradication process begins. It can take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes to eradicate hundreds of bed bugs simultaneously with the heat treatment.

Regardless of the severity of your bed bug infestation, our heat treatment is the solution. This very effective, affordable bed bug treatment works for all infestations.

Why Hire Us!

Our exterminators have decades of combined bed bug infestation experience. These experts know how to detect and analyze bed bug infestations. The process begins with a thorough inspection where the exterminator thoroughly searches the home to locate the bed bugs. Do not fret, our in-home bed bug inspection is free to all Houston residents. Contact us to schedule an appointment for your free in-home inspection. From here, one of our licensed exterminators will create a heat treatment that is guaranteed to provide a quick and effective result.