Carpenter Bees

Locals are going to run into a handful of pest species, but some are more frightening than others. One pest you’ll want to avoid is the carpenter bee. These pests are larger and can reach an inch and a half at the maximum. The appearance depends on the gender since females are solid black. Males are orange and black. These bees are often mistaken for bumblebees but there is one minor difference. Carpenter bees do not have hair on their abdomens. Instead, their bellies are shiny and black.

Reasons Carpenter Bees Are On Your Property

Carpenter bees are attracted to softwoods that have not been protected. If you have unstained or unpainted softwood around your home, these pests are going to approach your property and build nests in the wood. They’ll also use it for overwintering purposes. They build tunnels in the softwood. Although they can build nests elsewhere, they’re primarily found on sheds, decks, and porches. These pests do not eat wood. They’ll cause immense damage to your property since a breeding pair will return to the same nest for several years.

Health Hazards & Carpenter Bees

You can’t ignore the risks associated with these stinging insects. Remember that they’re going to sting people and pets. Therefore, there are some risks involved. Surprisingly, male carpenter bees do not sting. Nevertheless, they’re still very aggressive. They tend to fly around the nest and defend it. Female carpenter bees can sting but they’re less aggressive than males. They usually don’t sting anyone unless someone gets too close to them. Therefore, it is best to stay away from them.

In some cases, they’ll inject venom into the victim and that can lead to an allergic reaction. When this happens, the victim needs to seek medical attention immediately. Another problem is that these pests are going to attract woodpeckers. Unfortunately, woodpeckers can cause immense damage to your property. It is important to get rid of both.

Eliminating A Pack Of Carpenter Bees

The carpenter bees on your property should be dealt with promptly. These pests built many tunnels and you’ll have to treat all of them. If you don’t, the pests are going to survive and return. Our company offers a comprehensive, reliable carpenter bee service. We can get rid of the pests promptly so contact our office and let us deal with the problem for you.

Tackling Carpenter Bee Infestations On Your Own

We cannot recommend the use of do-it-yourself carpenter bee solutions. These products are unreliable and some are unsafe. Therefore, we believe it is best to let a professional handle it for you. Otherwise, you may use these products incorrectly and that could put you and your loved ones at risk. You’ll also want to avoid being stung. Let a professional deal with it to avoid the risks.

The Safest Carpenter Bee Solutions

Our technicians are going to put your safety first. We’ll do everything possible to give you greater peace of mind. For instance, we’re going to administer safe products in your home. All of the products we use have been extensively tested and approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. We’re confident that these products are going to be safe for everyone involved. We’ll let you know if safety precautions need to be taken.

Preventing Infestations Of Carpenter Bees

Do what you can to stop carpenter bees from invading your property. Remember that these pests like the softwoods that have not been painted or stained. Therefore, you can stop them by properly staining or painting the softwoods around your home. Alternatively, you can switch to hardwoods.

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