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The spider is a member of the “Araneae” order and “Arachnida” class. Spiders have between 6 and 8 eyes, 3 sets of legs, mouthparts “palps”, and furry bodies. Scientists have identified over 40,000 species, a mixture of venomous and non-venomous species. What makes the spider so unique is its fangs and spinnerets. The fangs, needle-like projections, are utilized to inject venom into the spider’s prey. The tip of each fang is sharp to allow quick and easy penetration into the victim’s skin.

The spinneret plays a major role in the life of the spider and Embioptera. The spinneret can be found on the spider’s abdomen. It creates smooth, soft silk for webs. The adult spider has amazing web-making skills that take about 60 minutes to complete. Spider webs are durable enough to capture and trap decent-sized frogs, lizards, and birds.

In controlled environments, spiders can live up to 25 years. Spiders do not have live births, but instead, tiny white eggs. The female arachnid deposits her eggs inside burrows, underneath piles of firewood and lumber, between rock formations, and on leaves. To protect her eggs from predators and the elements, the female places her eggs inside small homespun sacs.

An average-sized spider web can house up to 50,000 baby spiders. The species have both male and female spiders, with the latter being the smallest of the two genders.

Why Are Spiders Living In My Crawlspace?

Spiders are classified as “occasional invaders,” a pest that randomly invades residential and commercial establishments. The majority of Houston spider sightings involve the adult male. After mating, the adult male spider seeks refuge in a damp, cool, safe, and discrete hiding place. More often than not, the male finds itself seeking refuge in basements, crawlspaces, saunas, and bathrooms. The pest can also be found hiding underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks. Any suitable environment can become a spider refuge

Spiders infiltrate all settings – residential, industrial, and commercial – at the drop of a hat.

Do Spiders Pose A Danger To Children And Pets?

It depends on the species. Non-venomous and venomous spiders pose a danger to humans of all ages. However, venomous spiders are more dangerous than non-venomous spiders. Animals tend to have a stronger immunity to spider bites than humans. Skunk, hedgehog, pig, and ground squirrel have extremely strong immune systems. In fact, these animals are not impacted by venomous and non-venomous spider bites.

Experts believe 99 percent of spiders do not pose a danger to humans or animals. Venomous spider bites have been linked to localized skin infections, which when left untreated can cause necrosis, dead tissue. In severe cases, victims may experience acute systemic toxicity, a condition that impacts the patient’s entire system.

What Is The Safest And Most Effective Spider Management Solution?

There are two primary spider control strategies – do-it-yourself and professional. Do-it-yourself spider management relies on an over-the-counter spider bait. Professional spider management, on the other hand, utilizes an industrial-grade spider bait. Both treatment options have pros and cons, with the latter being the more potent option.

Our professional spider control combines industrial-strength toxins and glue traps to deliver maximum results. We believe Houston consumers appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of our industrial-grade spider treatments.

Do Spider Baits Pose Environmental Risks?

Yes and no, as it depends on the application process. Spider extermination applications must be applied, utilizing cutting-edge equipment and with safety measures in mind. Our exterminators rely on high-quality sprayers and wands. This is no ordinary sprayer and wand. In addition to the sprayer and wand, we utilize a nozzle with a 90-degree tip to ensure direct contact with minimal exposure risks.

Our pest control product line is comprised of brands that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA-approved spider bait has been deemed “safe” when the manufacturer’s directions are followed to a tee.

How Do Houston Residents Submit A Spider Control Service Request?

We have three customer support contact options – email, social media, and phone. All of these options will get you in direct contact with a member of our Houston customer support team. Every service request must be processed by our Houston customer support.

The process can take up to 48 hours in most cases. We highly recommend immediate action upon the detection of spiders. A member of the customer support team will dispatch a pest control expert to your Houston home or business upon the completion of your service request.

What Is The Most Effective Pest Management Solution?

As mentioned previously, Houston consumers have two options when it comes to eradicating spiders. DIY spider baits are effective in eradicating a few spiders. However, these pest control products are ineffective in treatment spider colonies. There are solitary and social spiders. Solitary spiders colonize in groups of hundreds or thousands. The social spider travels lives and feeds alone.

We highly recommend decluttering attics and other storage areas. Spiders are drawn to damp, dark, and cool environments, such as those found in crawlspaces and basements. To deter spiders from targeting your home, the installation of dehumidifiers and/or vents is a must. The combination of both options will ensure the best outcome, resulting in almost instantly lower humidity levels in problem areas.

Sealing all entry points that lead from the exterior to the interior of your home should be done immediately. Small openings can simply be sealed with caulk that comes in a tube. Small dabs are ideal for smaller entry points. Medium- and large-sized access points need a more aggressive approach. Foam insulation, stainless steel dish scrubber, and metal sheeting cut-to-fit are more suitable for medium and large openings.

Are Brown Recluse Spider Sightings In Houston Legitimate?

The brown recluse “Loxosceles reclusa” spider has reportedly been detected in the City of Houston. Are these sightings real? Experts seem to believe they are real because some are backed up with images. The brown recluse spider is one of the most poisonous species of its kind. Another poisonous spider species is the “Latrodectus mactans,” black widow.

We offer free spider consultation and home inspection for free to all Houston consumers.

Our Houston Exterminators Can Help Eliminate Spider Infestations

As a resident of Houston, you’ll realize that your home can be targeted by an array of pests. With some, you may be able to eliminate them using over-the-counter treatments. With others, the risks are too great. When you’re dealing with certain pests, there is a risk that you’re going to get stung or bit. Depending on the insect in person, this could be deadly. Spiders fit into this category. One bite from a spider could turn your life upside down. You cannot try to remove spiders from your home because they’re too dangerous. Instead, you’ll want to let professional exterminators do it for you.

Our Houston extermination firm is available to help. We offer spider removal services in Houston and we’re confident that we’ll right the wrong rapidly.

Our Solutions Are Safe And Humane

Most consumers want to get rid of spiders as quickly as possible. You do not want to wait around. Every second you wait increases the risk that you’re going to get bit and sick. However, some Houston residents want to make sure that the spiders are taken care of. If you feel this way, you’ll want to call us. While we’ll get rid of the spiders for you, we’ll make sure that they’re taken to a safe location. We’ll do our best to make sure that your pests are dealt with in the safest and most humane way possible. Once we’ve removed them from your property, we’ll transport them to a safe location so they can start a new life.

More importantly, the spiders will be out of your home and life.

Only The Most Reliable Spider Control Solutions

It is best to capture the spider and transport them to a safe location. We’ll do our best to achieve this goal but it isn’t always possible. Sometimes, it is pertinent to take dramatic actions to protect our clients and their loved ones. When times call for it, we’re going to do everything necessary to protect you and your family. If we have to eliminate the spiders in your home, we’ll do it. Nevertheless, we’re going to do everything possible to protect everyone involved. We offer eco-friendly and non-toxic solutions.

When Should You Call Us?

Not everyone is afraid of spiders. Still, you have to be aware of the fact that they’re dangerous. You don’t want them living in your home. Spiders roam freely in Houston. They can be found in parks, hotels, homes, and motels. Furthermore, they can live in public transportation buses, trains, and so many other places. Local governments have to work hard to protect residents from spiders. This is why they’ll often hire exterminators and take advantage of their spider control services.

If your house has become overrun with spiders, you should stop waiting. Our exterminators are here to help you. We can get rid of spider colonies of all shapes and sizes. So, you should not give up hope yet. We’re here to help and we’ll always find a solution to the problem you’re facing. Our cutting-edge treatments will be sure to solve your spider problem.

Why Choose Us?

When dealing with a spider infestation, you need the most qualified exterminator. Unfortunately, some exterminators aren’t up for it but we are. We offer so many benefits including the following.

  • We are insured to protect you and your family
  • We try to relocate the spiders to a safe location
  • Our employees are drug-free and background checked
  • We’re available to start helping you immediately
  • Our company offers free home inspections

We’re Ready To Get Rid Of Your Spiders

Spiders might be cute as a Halloween decoration but you don’t want them living in your home. Spiders are very dangerous and one bite could lead to death or serious injury. So, you don’t need to try to eliminate the spiders on your own. Doing so is too risky and you cannot afford to get bitten. Instead, you’ll want to depend on our services. We’re confident that we’ll be able to help you solve the issue without putting anyone at risk. We offer free home inspections so we can begin aiding you immediately. When you’re ready to get rid of the spiders in your home, we’ll be ready to help you.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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