Cryonite Treatment

Cryonite – Eradicate Bed Bug Infestations In Houston TX In A Day

Houston, Texas residents are occasionally left dealing with bed bug infestations. While notch much bigger than an apple seed, bed bugs are notorious for leaving damage wherever they travel. If you just happen to visit a bed bug-infested establishment, it is likely you will carry a few to your home. Do you know what this could do to your home? If not, you should know that bedbug infestations can result in mild, moderate, or severe damage to furniture, building structures, clothing, bed linen, and stuffed toys.

Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can eradicate bedbug infestations nearly as fast as they start. One particular bed bug treatment comes to mind when speaking of efficiency is cryonite. This is one of the most efficient bedbug treatment that is only available through licensed exterminators.

We Encourage Public Awareness To Fight Bed Bug Infestations

There is no better way to fight the spread of bed bug infestations than public awareness. Houston officials, including those who work at the health department, run public ads alerting residents of potential bed bug outbreaks in the city. These ads reach thousands of residents, which is the goal.

With public awareness, Houston officials are able to minimize the spread of bedbug infestations. But, a few bed bugs slip under the radar regardless.

Cryonite To Fight Mild, Moderate, And Severe Bed Bug Infestations

Cryonite is a form of gas that has been deemed “nontoxic.” The mere fact cryonite is nontoxic makes it even more popular among Houston exterminators. Cryonite does not generate dangerous toxins that are harmful to humans, animals, plants, and the environment.

Cryonite treatment utilizes recycled-carbon dioxide, making it ideal for eradicating severe bed bug infestations. On average, cryonite treatment begins working immediately, killing a bed bug at a time.

Another reason why Houston extermination contractors prefer cryonite to other bed bug treatments is that it easily penetrates tiny crevices, cracks, and holes. It can reach bed bugs hidden behind wall boards, drywall, and floorboards.

Cryonite – How It Works To Treat Bedbug Infestations

Cryonite treatment may appear to be a simple process but it is far from it. The process utilizes complex technologies, manpower, and specialized equipment. The nontoxic gas is stored in tanks to make ensure a quick and easy application process.

When applied to surfaces, cryonite is delivered in a gas form that is below 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Cryonite Safe To Use Indoors?

While cryonite is a liquid gas, its extremely cold temperatures allow it to evaporate instantly when applied to inanimate objects of room temperature. So, it is safe to say cryonite can be applied indoors with little to no risks to furniture, carpet, and other items.

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