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East Downtown

The district within Houston, Texas, is the EaDo which manages the area between offices at eleven21 Delano Street. The community is situated on the east side of Downtown Houston and to the north of Interstate 45. The district is between the George R. Brown Convention Center and the East End District. Old Chinatown is located in East Downtown. Old Chinatown is within the East Downtown on Preston Street, St. Joseph Parkway, and Dowling Street.

Short History

In the 1930s, many Cantonese immigrants migrated to the old Houston Chinatown, then a part of the Third Ward area, from Downtown Houston to find more affordable land. The Cantonese established various companies, such as food stores and restaurants, and also held Chinese New Year celebrations. People from East Asian countries, including Vietnam, have moved into Chinatown.

In the 1950s, those belonging to the Chinese Merchants’ Association relocated to the southeastern part of Downtown Houston. A lot of these Chinese companies relocated to the area in the past since a former Chinatown located Downtown was replaced by commercial development in the 1970s. In the 1970s, EaDo Chinatown solidified as many Asian immigrants such as Viet Hoa started making their way into Houston around the late 1970s. In the 1980s, the theater, supermarkets, banks, warehouses, and restaurants were situated there.

Things to Do

Drinks Up!

This unique 8th Wonder brewery was the first craft brewery to be established in the region. They serve a fantastic mix of house, and seasonal favorites, which resembles an old-fashioned cream ale called “Dome Faux’m” True Anomaly Brewing is located at 2012 Dallas St, Houston, TX is also brand new but is equally great. You will discover beers that transport you to an exploration of the taste with its ingenious combination of traditional and original barrel-aged beers.


EaDo of Houston has no lack of restaurants. There’s a fantastic selection of Vietnamese food at the cult Cafe TH and Huynh, where lunch and breakfast tacos are the best from Brothers Taco House. Rodeo Goat is a burger of all kinds, whether old-school or modern style or hamburgers. Visit Miss Carousel for a drink and great service. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston

Dance Through the Vibrant Music and Art Scene

The district’s style is art deco and is home to plenty of creative types. It’s no wonder you’ll find amazing performances and live music venues, including Warehouse Live and experimental performance space Super Happy Fun Land – and some pretty cool art. Visit the funky Texas Art Asylum for supplies for classes, classes, and other special events. Make an appointment to visit Aerosol Warfare, The street art and graffiti gallery by the super talented artist Gonzo247.

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