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Houston Zoo

The park covers 55 acres and is situated inside within the Hermann Park area, which houses more than 6,000 animals belonging to more than 900 species. Houston Zoo receives 2.1 million people annually and is named the second most frequented Zoo in the United States. It is the Houston Zoo aims to connect people and communities with animals and help them make people aware of the importance of conserving animals.


There is always plenty to entertain all visitors to Houston Zoo. You can enjoy watching an elephant herd or the newborn babies, Winnie and Teddy – swimming in their pools or feeding the giraffe. If you’re a cat lover, take your game to the next level and see a jaguar in awe walking through the South American Pantanal and many more.

Tickets are on sale until December 31. Reservations on the internet must be made for ALL guests who are not members currently. Tickets will not be available on the premises of the Zoo. We cannot offer refunds or exchanges. According to CDC guidelines, wearing masks is highly recommended for all visitors within Zoo facilities.

Members do not have to purchase reservation tickets before visiting the Zoo. They will be able to accommodate you when you enter the Member Entrance and then present their electronic membership card.


Animal Encounters

A portion of every Animal Encounter purchase is directly helping to protect animals that live in the wild. The purchase of the Encounter Gift Certificate permits you to enjoy any of the activities such as Sea Lion Painting Experience, Gorilla Encounter, Cheetah Walk, Elephant Bath Experience, and many more. Gift recipients can redeem their certificates within six months from the date of purchase. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston


Houston Zoo got so much to offer a wildlife viewing experience and a water park and play area for visitors of every age.

  • African Forest
  • Bird Habitats
  • Carruth Natural Encounters
  • Bug House
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Kathrine McGovern Water Play Park
  • Wildlife Carousel
  • Explore the Wild! Nature Play Area

Plus much more!


Joining their programs allows everyone to create new memories with their fellow animal lovers or to try new fun activities for their families.

Kid and Families

The Zoo offers the opportunity to get outside and explore as you play, explore the world, learn, and grow about the Zoo and the natural areas all around Houston. Children between 18 months and five years old can explore Zoo Sprouts with Zoo Sprouts programs that cost $20.00 per child or to help develop the next generation of conservationists and conservationists. Houston Zoo Teen Programs aim to encourage teenagers to tackle issues in a variety of ways to protect animals that live in the wild and enable them to inspire other people to act through the Zoo Crew Explorers Program.

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Address: 6200 Hermann Park Dr, Houston, TX

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