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Menil Collection

Menil Collection Menil Collection is located in Houston, Texas. It is a museum that houses the collection of art belonging to John de Menil and Dominique de Menil, the two founders. Mel Collection houses approximately 17,000 prints, sculptures, drawings, paintings, rare photographs, and books. The bulk collection was made from a collection that was once private from the Menil Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt non-profit, charitable corporation that was a public entity. The museum’s collection includes various mid-century works by Rene Magritte, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamps, Man Ray, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and many others. The museum is home to a vast collection of Pop Art and contemporary art by Mark Rothko, Vija Celmins, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly, and many others artists.

The museum was planned to be open to the public in 1987. It was operated under the Menil Foundation, incorporated, which is a charitable non-profit organization founded in 1954. Its mission was to encourage the understanding of culture and the arts. The Foundation focused on land banking to stabilize the area around the museum and established a system for the management and operation of all of the collections.

Collections Overview

From the prehistoric age until the present day, the Menil Collection in Houston was born out of personal and intellectual interests instead of encyclopedic goals. The collection’s core is the 10,000 artifacts and objects collected by the Menil’s founders, John and Dominique de Menil.

Both spiritual formal, and historical considerations guided the de Menils. The de Menils put together collections that stray from expectations and show faith in the art’s revealing potential.

More than doubling in size in the last year, this collection has 17,000 objects and is growing. The Menil is committed to enhancing its connections with artists already within the collection and expanding the collection in ways that align with the ethos of the collection and the museum’s goals.

From the Menil’s Permanent Collection

  • Arts of Africa
  • Arts of the Americas and Pacific Northwest
  • Arts of the Ancient World
  • Arts of the Pacific Islands
  • Drawings Collection Bed Bug Exterminator Houston
  • Medieval and Byzantine Art
  • Surrealism
  • Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Witnesses


Menil Collection is opening everyone for donations to maintain this Menil Collection as one of the most prestigious cultural institutions in the world. There are many ways to contribute to the Menil, like Membership, Annual Fund, and Corporate Support. Visit this page to donate


Research and scholarship are essential to the mission of Menil. Menil has a long track record of launching and supporting scholarly research projects and publishing excellent results. The facilities in the research offices, which are modeled after museum staff, and specialists from the project, created a variety of research hubs that have produced publications and many kinds of programs.

Address: 1533 Sul Ross St, Houston, TX

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