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Space Center Houston

A science museum in Houston, Texas, serves as the official visitor center for NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. It was recognized as a Smithsonian Affiliate Museum in 2014. The museum’s owner is NASA and operates in partnership with the non-profit Manned Spaceflight Education Foundation. Space Center Houston opened in 1992 and replaced the Johnson Space Center Building. The space covers 250,000 square feet, with 400 objects from space, displays, and exhibits, the Mercury 9, Apollo 17, as well as Gemini 5 space capsules, permanently and ongoing exhibits, and theaters with particular attention to the history of human spaceflight.

Space Center Houston is the location of a unique Independence Plaza exhibit complex that allows visitors to experience an authentic Space Shuttle replica that stands in a slat on an original Shuttle carrier. In addition, Space Center Houston also has Rocket Park displays for the only created segments designed to be used for flight. The first step in the Saturn V rocket was SA-515. Saturn V rocket came from SA-515 and SA-513 and was no longer needed after its replacement.

Mars Mission is the exhibit inaugurated in January of 2017 and was designed with the aid of NASA. It focuses on the work NASA is currently doing to prepare for the next journey to Mars. Mission Mars taught guests about Mars’s features and a virtual reality experience.

Exhibits and Experiences

SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Exhibit

A flying SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exhibit is now open in Space Center Houston. It’s the only one of two SpaceX Falcon 9 boosters on display. Explore this amazing piece of space technology that is reusable and discover how it’s helping to make space accessible.

Starship Gallery

Starship Gallery at Space Center Houston is home to numerous spacecraft that have been flown and treasures of the national collection. You can take a closer view of some incredible objects that document the progress of space exploration by humans.

Education Programs

Space Center Houston’s Learning Innovation Center is among the top science-based resources in the country. The programs are designed to meet national science standards and are focused on engineering, science, technology, and math. They assist children and adults in thinking critically, understanding what’s happened in the past, current, and future of America’s space program, and gaining a deeper knowledge about the globe. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston

Field Trips

Contribute to research, enhance your understanding of science and become immersed in the fields of science, technology, mathematics, and engineering with Innovation Gateway, the Innovation Gateway community science initiative.

Human Performance Accelerator Lab

the ability to think outside the box and take charge under pressure, specifically in harsh environments like space. Our Human Performance Accelerator Lab (HPAL) strategically blends NASA leadership expertise with the most cutting-edge strategy Human Resources, and business experts.

Address: 1601 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX

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