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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Traveling is one of the greatest and most exciting things you can do. This is especially true if you are traveling by air or motorcycle. While there are a variety of ways to travel and tons of different things to see, all travels usually lead to the same place, a motel, a hotel, or some kind of hostel. Believe it or not, this could be one of the riskiest legs of your journey, and this is because of the potential for bed bugs. This is why one must learn to arm and protect themselves to the fullest. That’s exactly what the SLEEP theory is design to help with.


The first part of the entire process starts with the “S”. This part of the theory means to survey. To survey the room for signs of an infestation. You can’t just blindly unpack your belongings and make yourself at home in your hotel room without first checking for signs of an infestation. This is even the case with five-star hotels. Just because you are paying upwards of $100 a night, it does not mean you are safe from a potential infestation. Check the mattress, check the drapes, and look at the linens. Stains on the sheets are a surefire indication of an infestation. Brown or red stains coupled with the musty smells of soda pop likely means there is a bed bug infestation somewhere nearby.


The lift and look portion of the theory takes things a bit further. Instead of just performing a visual inspection of the area, this one means to get in there physically and start roaming around, looking for signs of an infestation. Lift the mattress, flip the box springs, open the nightstand drawers, check the corners, and lift the carpet if you can. Do whatever you can while checking all the potential hiding spots for bed bugs. It helps if you know all the potential hiding spots for these insects, and that’s information you can find on our other pages.


There are two “Es” in the SLEEP theory, but this first one still applies to avoidance. It is about still trying to avoid these insects while you are in the room. And when you think about it, this part of the process is ingenious. What it means is to elevate your luggage once in the room. Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can latch on to luggage. They can even scurry up walls and climb on ceilings, but it is much harder for them to do so. These bugs usually try to take the path of least resistance and placing your luggage so high up might be enough of a deterrent for them to look elsewhere or stay hidden. You can utilize the hotel’s luggage or closet rack while you scour the room for an infestation. Heck, if you never grow comfortable enough, you can leave your luggage here the entire trip, instead of unpacking your belongings into the drawers.


The second “E” of the theory is entirely different. It applies to the return trip home. It means to examine your luggage before your return trip to make sure you aren’t infected. Just because you’ve spent a week in a five-star hotel and haven’t experienced any signs or symptoms of an infestation, it does not mean that you aren’t infected. These insects could be latch onto your luggage and you likely might not even know it. Scour your belongings, including all the new things you purchased before the return trip home. This is also something you can do upon arriving home, but you’ll want to do it in the garage or basement. The ideal is not to give the bed bugs time to make themselves at home.


This is the last step of the entire process and it ties the entire theory together nicely. Without this step, the entire theory would be useless. That being said, this one also replies to the return trip. It’s a well-known fact that bed bugs can’t stand up to extreme heat. Washing your clothes in the hottest water possible for at least 90 minutes will eradicate the bugs and their eggs. Don’t forget to dry on high heat and you’ll lower your chances of becoming infected even further. It is no secret that bed bugs are hard to eliminate. They are even harder once they’ve moved into the home. With the SLEEP theory, you won’t give them the chance. Heck, if applied right, you’ll never bring them home with you in the first place. Learn this theory and start living by it while you are traveling. Either way, we are here to help if needed. Whether things get out of hand or you just feel overwhelmed or maybe you have a question, you can call on us. We always have techs standing by!

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