A master-planned community of 14,000 acres located northeast of Houston, Texas. Kingwood comprises a large portion of the community, which is situated within Harris County. It is known for its “livable forest” Kingwood is the biggest master-planned community in Harris County and the second-largest within the ten counties. Kingwood was first established in 1970 and inaugurated in the year 1971. Since the opening of the public, it has seen an increase in population within the area. The population in 1990 was 19,443 residents and 204 business establishments.

Kingwood residents petitioned Kingwood residents lobbied Texas Legislature, and asked for changes to the state’s laws on annexation. The legislature in 1999 successfully adopted amendments requiring municipalities to annex to create plans for the services offered to communities being annexed. Municipalities must offer an annexation planning period of three years before official annexation to allow public comments. The new law allows districts to engage in arbitration when the cities annexing do not follow through with their service plans.

Nearby Places

The Clubs of Kingwood

The Club offers a variety of leisure, and athletic possibilities that allow its members to challenge themselves and take advantage of all the Club can offer. From two courses spread across multiple properties to various eating, event, and athletic opportunities, Our properties provide members with a chance to participate and improve the quality of their lives in all areas.

Address: 1700 Lake Kingwood Trail, Kingwood, TX

Aquarium & Animal Adventure

Houston Interactive Aquarium & Animal Preserve is an unforgettable experience for adults and kids! The facility is home to hundreds of sea creatures and exotic animals. They offer a wide range of reptiles, marine life, and various exotic Birds, Mammals, and many more. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston

Address: 5440 N Sam Houston Pkwy E, Humble, TX

Taste of Greek

A family-owned business offers freshly baked goods that will keep you coming back time and time. There are various options to select from, which will make your mouth watering from its delicious food selections.

Address: 4526 Kingwood Dr, Kingwood, TX

Golf Club of Houston

Enjoy the course where the professionals are playing and experience the same perfection and precision that is only possible in an environment of the highest quality. Enjoy breathtaking views, timeless style, unparalleled culinary delights, and warm hospitality at the Golf Club of Houston -an exclusive setting located in a convenient, attractive place.

Address: 5860 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX

ArtCar Museum

The private contemporary art museum is known as ArtCar Museum. Also known as “Garage Mahal,” this museum opened in February 1998, focusing on art, automobiles, fine arts, and other artists not often seen in cultural institutions. The museum’s goal is to increase awareness of the cultural as well as political elements of the art.

Address: 140 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX

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