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What To Do When You Have Bed Bugs In Your Home

No one should take a bedbug infestation lightly. As soon as you discover signs of a bedbug living in your home, you need to take immediate actions to solve the issue. An adult female can produce as many as 200 eggs within her lifetime, which mean if you have 5 females residing in your home, then your problem is going to escalate quickly. Below you will discover what actions you should take to combat those bed bugs in your Houston home.

DIY Treatment Options

If you are living on a limited financial budget, you may choose the DIY treatment. This is actually a good option, but you will need to approach the task with an open mind. It will be nearly impossible to eradicate every single bedbug your first go around, which means that you will need to repeat the process 2-3 times. This can definitely be a time consuming task, but if you have limited cash to spend on extermination services, then this will be your only option.

Hiring a Professional Exterminator

Your next option will be to hire a professional exterminator. This will be your best option, because the exterminator will do all of the work for you, so you do not have to call in at work and get docked a day’s pay. In the long run, this option may actually save you some money, since the exterminator can utilize the heat treatment method to eradicate your infestation to first go around.

Psychological Effects

Just the sight of red, edematous welts on the body can have some negative psychological effects on the victim. It can be very disturbing to discover that you have been bitten by bedbugs, while you were resting peacefully in your own bed. This makes one feel like they have been violated in their home, where they should be totally safe. Not only can the thought of bedbugs be disturbing, but it can also cause the victim to be afraid to fall to sleep at night. This is why it is so important to be on top of the situation and never let these parasites take control of your home.

Spreading Diseases

While these little insects may be infected with MRSA, Hepatitis B, and HIV, they cannot spread it to humans or animals. This should give you some peace of mind, but you will need to start treating the infestation immediately. The small edematous welts on your body are actually an immune system response. While some victims may only exhibit a mild allergic reaction, others may face an anaphylactic reaction. This is a life threatening condition that will require emergency treatment, so if you begin to experience shortness of breath or confusion, be sure to call 911.


Overall, bedbugs are harmless, but this does not decrease the stress that a victim may experience. In order to genuinely combat your infestation, you will need to hire a professional exterminator. If you have bed bugs and reside in the Houston area, be sure to take the time to do your research, before hiring a service provider.

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